Dakota County Rental Property Support Program

This application is now closed.

Did you submit an application? Here are some answers to common questions:

When will I receive payment?
Checks went in the mail on 11/27/2020.

Why was the payment that I received different than what I requested?

Auditors recommended payment of the maximum documented amount. Here are common reasons why auditors adjusted amounts:

  • The amount requested was not documented in the lease or other supporting documentation (for example, rent increases, garage or storage rent).

  • Requested fees were not allowed under the program guidelines (for example, security deposits, damage fees, NSF fees, or eviction filing fees).

  • Late fees were greater than 8%.

My renters owe rent for December. Will this program re-open?
At this time all funds available have been claimed and the program is closed.


Intentions of this program
While there is a current moratorium on evictions in the state of Minnesota, rent is still due and tenants will be responsible for unpaid rent once the moratorium is lifted.

This funding is intended to:
  • Prevent tenant evictions and rising homelessness.
  • Reduce rental property foreclosures, sales, and rent increases.
  • Stabilize affordable housing owners at a time when there may be new costs to implement public health measures for tenants and employees.
  • Stabilize affordable housing rental markets and preserve affordable housing options into the future.

Sample Award Letters

If the application is approved, both the landlord and renter will receive award letters. Here is what they will look like: