Fair Housing Webinar - How to Follow the Rules in a Changing World

Live Webinar! Wednesday, April 5th - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

FREE Fair Housing webinar with 1.0 MN Real Estate Continuing Education Credits applied for.

The world is changing. Landlords are experiencing increased pressure and scrutiny. More than ever, you must understand how to operate in a way that attracts quality renters while not generating any Fair Housing complaints (or lawsuits).

This Fair Housing training takes you beyond protected classes and illegal activities. You will learn:

  • How to handle the new HUD guidance on criminal backgrounds.
  • The difference between obvious and subtle discrimination.
  • Leasing & customer service tips that help you avoid discrimination.
  • How to set up a reasonable accommodation request process.
  • How to use rental criteria to avoid discrimination (while leaving the door open to make exceptions to people who may deserve a second chance).

The peak renting season is coming! Sharpen your skills and improve your rental property business with this live webinar!

This training is for members of the HousingLink Landlord Loyalty Club. Anyone can join the Loyalty Club by making a donation to HousingLink in any amount here. Once you make the donation, you will receive a link to register for the webinar.

Otherwise, you can join the Landlord Loyalty Club by listing an opening on HousingLink (which is free). If you do, we will email you a link to register for the webinar!

Questions? Contact Josh at JDye@HousingLink.org or call 612-481-8059.

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Free Fair Housing Webinar
Wednesday, April 5th
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

1.0 MN Real Estate Continuing Education Credits applied for.