Keys for Heroes - Support our Troops by Filling Your Vacancies!

Make your next vacancy a vet's home.
It's no secret that many veterans who served our country are now homeless. Service takes its toll, and people fall through the cracks.

But with a little bit of your help, we can end veteran homelessness.

In fact, we are close to reaching that goal, and filling your next vacancy with a vet moves us one step closer!

Here's the Scoop...
Many vets experiencing homelessness have a housing plan, rental assistance (like a VASH voucher), supportive services, and are working with a case manager.

All they need is you. Actually, they just need your next vacancy (and a little flexibility).

Will you house a veteran? 

If so, list your opening. When listing, check "yes" when asked "Are you a veteran friendly landlord?" When you do, your listing will show the Keys for Heroes logo (at the top right of this page). Thanks for helping us end veteran homelessness in our community!

Special Initiative! We have also started a project in St Paul. If you are a landlord with units in St Paul who is willing to accept a VASH voucher and rent to a veteran, please list as a veteran friendly landlord!
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