Landlord Loyalty Club

At HousingLink, we reward landlords who list their openings on our site. It is more than just a property listing. It is a contribution to the community, and making sure everyone, no matter their income, knows what housing options are available.

Here are the Landlord Loyalty Club Benefits

  • Answer Line to call, email, or text questions if you have a problem with a renter, need a referral to a vendor, or want answers to questions.
  • Forums to ask and answer questions, and to interact with other landlords.
  • Education with real estate credits. Want to become a better landlord or need real estate credits? We've got you covered with relevant class options at no cost!
  • Special content, resources and social events throughout the year, just for members of the club!

How do you get in to the Landlord Loyalty Club?

It is simple. Have an active listing on the HousingLink website within the past year. If you do, we will contact you by email and tell you how to access the answer line, education, and special events.

"But what if all of my units are full and I haven't had anything to list in the past year?!" No worries. Just make a donation to HousingLink in ANY amount, and you are IN.

After you list an opening or make a donation, we will send you an email with an invite to join the club.

Thanks for making your community better by listing on HousingLink. It is our pleasure to reward your loyalty!

How to Join the Club

List an Opening


Make a Donation




Landlord Loyalty Club