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Foreclosures in MN Series

2013 Annual Foreclosures in MN
Released: February 2014
There were 11,834 foreclosures in Minnesota in 2013. This number is a 34 percent decrease from 2012, with the relief beling relatively balanced between the Twin Cities metro area and Greater MN....

2013 Semi Annual Foreclosures in MN
Released: August 2013
There were 6,795 foreclosures in Minnesota in the first two quarters of 2013. This number is 29 percent less than in the same period of 2012, with a greater decline seen in the Twin Cities metro area than in Greater MN....

2012 Annual Foreclosures in Minnesota
2011 Annual Foreclosures in Minnesota
2010 Annual Foreclosures in Minnesota
2009 Annual Foreclosures in Minnesota
2008 Annual Foreclosures in Minnesota

From 2005-2013, HousingLink was commissioned to complete the Foreclosures in MN report series by The Minnesota Home Ownership CenterGreater Minnesota Housing FundMinnesota Housing, and Family Housing Fund.This quarterly tracking and reporting on MN foreclosures by county became a critical resource for demonstrating foreclosure impact and helped leverage millions of dollars of federal and state recovery aid to the hardest hit areas. As of 2014, MN Homeownership Center assumed responsibility for tracking foreclosures. View their ongoing work here

Other Foreclosure Research

Foreclosure Recovery Progress Report Through 2012
Released: February 2013
Thanks to support from Family Housing Fund and Twin Cities Local Support Initiatives Corporation (Twin Cities LISC), HousingLink tracked foreclosure recovery efforts of the Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council (MFPC) over a period of five years, via a series of semi-annual reports. This report, through the end of 2012, concludes the series. The MFPC is a collaborative effort by local government agencies andnonprofits to address the foreclosure crisis in Minnesota.  In the Fall of 2010, HousingLink's quantitative measurement of three goals was adopted into the MFPC's Coordinated Plan to Address Foreclosures.

Geographic Distribution of MN Foreclosures 2007-2011
Released: July 2011
HousingLink has been tracking Minnesota foreclosures at the county level since 2005 with nearly comprehensive statewide coverage since 2007. Over that time, we’ve seen the foreclosure crisis move from one largely based on mortgage products to one that is based on the economy (e.g. unemployment or under-employment). How might that transition affect Greater MN, relative to the Twin Cities 7-county metro area? We explored that issue by dividing all MN counties into quartiles, according to their rate of foreclosure, then comparing how that distribution shifts, over time. The resulting maps seem to indicate that that the crisis, which hit our urban communities particularly hard early on, has spread to other areas throughout the state. HousingLink is able to continue its efforts in tracking this critical measurement due to funding by the Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council and cooperation by county sheriff departments.