Affordable Rental Housing and Locational Efficiency (H+T)

Released: June 2012

HousingLink has created a series of baseline snapshots for each of five future transit corridors in the Corridors of Opportunity initiative, analyzing affordable rental housing within the context of the combined costs of housing and transportation. The work is intended to explore how well rental housing in communities along the corridors are situated with respect to locational efficiency, and also to highlight potential locationally-efficient "opportunity areas" for future development.

The maps and analysis are based on private market housing data from our own Twin Cities Rental Revue report and publicly-assisted housing data from our Streams database, as well as data from the Center for Neighborhood Technology's Housing + Transportation (H+T) Index. Funding for the work was provided by The McKnight Foundation.

Locational Efficiency Map Sets:
Central Corridor (Green Line)
Bottineau Corridor
Gateway Corridor
Cedar Avenue BRT (Red Line)
Southwest Corridor
Locational Efficiency - terms and definitions