Bloomington HRA: Rental Homes for Future Home Buyers

Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) welcomes families of 3-6 members to apply for the Rental Homes for Future Home Buyers Program waiting list. Eligible families will rent one of the HRA’s 21- three-bedroom single-family homes for a maximum of five years. During that 5 years, the HRA works with families to set goals and prepares families to be ready to purchase and maintain their own home. The HRA saves a portion of the families rent each month, which is placed in escrow, and is used by the family to put toward a down payment on a house anywhere they want to live.

To qualify for this program you must meet the following criteria:

  •  Have 3 to 6 members in their household

  • Meet the income requirements (see table below)

  • Be willing to enter into a 5-year contract to live in an HRA house

  • Have the ability to pay rent and utilities without assistance

  • Have eligible citizenship or immigration status

  • Submit to background checks  for credit, rental and criminal history

  • Not own any pets

Minimum and Maximum Household Gross Income Allowed
3 Person Household - $41,360 - $71,950/year
4 Person Household - $41,360 - $79,900/year
5 Person Household - $41,360 - $86,300/year 
6 Person Household - $41,360 - $92,700/year

How to Apply
Click here for more information, and to download the application.