St Louis Park Housing Authority - One Bedroom Public Housing Waiting List

The St Louis Park Housing Authority is opening its one bedroom public housing waiting list. You may apply online (online only) at 8:00 am on February 25th, 2020 through 4:00 pm on February 27th, 2020.

Apply online here.

Preference Eligibility 
• Family of two persons 
• Age 50+ or disabled 
• Local Preference: Live, work, hired to work, or attend K-12 school in St. Louis Park, MN 
• Veteran, widow or widower of veteran

Occupancy Eligibility 
A minimum of one and maximum of two persons are allowed in a one-bedroom unit. Households with three people or more are not eligible. 

Maximum Annual Income
1 person - $52,850 
2 people - $60,400 

Applications must meet income and occupancy eligibility requirements. The St. Louis Park Housing Authority will place 1500 applicants on the waiting list through a random drawing from all applications received. If over 1500 applications are received, the housing authority will reserve 50% of waiting list placements for applicants who live, work or attend school full-time in St. Louis Park. The remaining waiting list placements will be chosen using a random sort of all remaining applicants.

Applicants can only be on one application.

Translation is available in 60 different languages. Applications are not available in the housing authority offices, and fax or e-mail requests are not accepted. The housing authority will not provide telephone assistance for applications. Applicants needing a reasonable accommodation should submit a written request to the HA at 5005 Minnetonka Blvd, St.Louis Park, MN 55416. Computers for public use are available at public libraries and may be available at other community organizations.

This information is important! If you do not understand the information have someone translate it for you. The online application can be translated into 60 different languages.