St Paul Public Housing Authority 5 Bedroom Waiting List

The St. Paul Public Housing Agency is accepting online applications for family apartments with 5 bedrooms until further notice.

The Public Housing Program provides rent assistance to households with low incomes. In order to qualify, annual gross household income cannot exceed these amounts:

1 Person:   $47,600

2 Persons: $54,400

3 Persons: $61,200

4 Persons: $68,000

5 Persons: $73,450

6 Persons: $78,900

7 Persons: $84,350

8 Persons: $89,800

Apply online here 

Applications are not be available at the PHA offices. Fax or e-mail requests are not accepted. The PHA will not provide telephone assistance to complete an application. Applicants may use any computer, tablet or smart-phone with internet access to apply, including free computers at public libraries.  
Applicants needing a reasonable accommodation can submit a written request to the PHA’s Rental Office. 

This is important housing information. If you do not understand it, have someone translate it for you now.

Información importante acerca de las viviendas.  Si usted no lo comprende, pida a alguien que le traduzca ahora.

Qhov no yog lus tseem ceeb heev qhia txog tsev nyob.  Yog tias koj tsis tau taub thov hais rau lwm tus pab txhais rau koj.

Это важная информация о жилпощади.Если Вы её не понимаете, попросите кого-нибудь сейчас перевести её Вам.

Kani waa warbixin muhiim ah ee ku saabsan guriyaha.Haddii aadan fahamsaneyn waa in aad heshaa hadeertaan qof kuu tarjumaa