Beyond Backgrounds: Overcome Criminal, Credit and Rental History Barriers in Your Housing Search

Are you denied housing because of a criminal background, low credit score or recent eviction?

If so, Beyond Backgrounds can help!

What is Beyond Backgrounds?
Beyond Backgrounds makes it more likely that a landlord will relax their screening criteria and rent to you! When a landlord rents to you, they get up to $2,000 of financial assurance if something goes wrong like damage to the unit or legal fees. 

How do I use Beyond Backgrounds?

Step 1 -
See if Beyond Backgrounds is a good fit for you

Step 2 -
Learn how to talk about Beyond Backgrounds with landlords in our 5 minute training.

Step 3 -
Access our Portal with housing search resources and support.

Step 4 -
Enroll in the assurance program (if the landlord requires it).
You pay $300 to Beyond Backgrounds if the landlord requires our assurance program to provide you housing. You only pay if the landlord requires it for housing!

Using all Beyond Backgrounds housing search resources is completely free.
You only pay the $300 if the landlord requires the financial assurance to offer you housing. 

See if Beyond Backgrounds is a good fit for you