Rental Market Research

2012 Minnesota Housing Measures
Released: October 2013
HousingLink was commissioned by The McKnight Foundation to establish quantitative baseline Minnesota housing measures and track progress over time. For more about MN Housing Measures visit here.

Housing Counts 2013
Released: November 2014
Produced by Family Housing Fund and HousingLink, this annual report aims to provide housing leaders and other stakeholders an accurate and consistent way of tracking affordable housing production and preservation. For more about Housing Counts and a history of reports visit here.

Streams is a database of publicly funded housing in the Twin Cities. It is a place where community planners, advocates, and researchers can go to find out where publicly-funded housing properties are located in their communities.  

Twin Cities Rental Revue
ONGOING, Quarterly
Twin Cities Rental Revue is a quarterly report that features median rents for a variety of bedroom sizes and building types in the Twin Cities Metro area, as well as a number of other rental characteristics and demand metrics. It is the only local source for rent data on the "shadow market" of single family, duplex, condo, and townhome rentals. For more information, go here.

Affordable Rental Housing and Locational Efficiency (H+T)
Released: June 2012
An analysis of publicly-funded rental housing in the Twin Cities metro within the context of the combined costs of housing and transportation. This work was commissioned by The McKnight Foundation and features Housing+Transportation Index data from the Center for Neighborhood Technology. Read more about our Affordable Rental Housing and Locational Efficiency (H+T) work here.

For more information about the Twin Cities rental market visit our Rental Market Research page

Foreclosure Research

JUST RELEASED: 2013 Annual Foreclosures in Minnesota

Released: February 2014
There were 11,834 foreclosures in Minnesota in 2013. This number is a 34 percent decrease from 2012, with the relief beling relatively balanced between the Twin Cities metro area and Greater MN....

HousingLink was commissioned to complete this report by The Minnesota Home Ownership Center, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, Minnesota Housing, and Family Housing Fund.

Foreclosure Recovery Progress Report Through 2012
Released: February 2013
Thanks to support from Family Housing Fund and Twin Cities Local Support Initiatives Corporation (Twin Cities LISC), HousingLink tracked foreclosure recovery efforts of the Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council (MFPC) over a period of five years, via a series of semi-annual reports. This report, through the end of 2012, concludes the series.The MFPC is a collaborative effort by local government agencies and nonprofits to address the foreclosure crisis in Minnesota.  In the Fall of 2010, HousingLink's quantitative measurement of three goals was adopted into the MFPC's Coordinated Plan to Address Foreclosures.

See more foreclosure research and historic reports on our Foreclosure Research Page

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