Reasonable Accommodation

Sometimes a renter with a disability lives in a place that needs changes to the unit or management policy in order to enjoy their home as much as someone that has no disability. For example, having a companion animal at a property that does not allow pets, or getting a grab bar installed in the bathroom. Learn about Reasonable Accommodation.

Simple Ways to Make Rental Units More Accessible

If people with disabilities have the tools they need in their homes, they can live independent, productive lives. Some times simple changes can make a big difference! Check out Simple Ways to Make a Rental Unit More Accessible.

Fast Tracker

Fast-Tracker is Minnesota’s FREE, Open-Source, Online, Searchable Database of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs updated for the community by the clinics and programs. Learn more

Disability HUB MN

Disability Hub MN is a free statewide resource network that helps you solve problems, navigate the system and plan for your future. Learn more

Housing Benefits 101

Housing Benefits 101 (HB101) helps people who need affordable housing, and supports to maintain that housing, understand the range of housing options and support services available. Learn more

Reasonable Accommodation