Minneapolis Rental Housing Brief

What is the Minneapolis Rental Housing Brief?

A monthly report from HousingLink on the state of rental housing in the city of Minneapolis.

Why a Monthly Housing Brief? 

Housing issues in Minneapolis are generating more attention, opinions and controversy than we have seen in our 25 years as a nonprofit operating in Minneapolis. At HousingLink, we've earned a reputation as data and housing information experts without spin or a political agenda.

Well-informed decisions require a clear, data-driven understanding of the issues. This report features solid data, presented artfully to help cut through noise. It exists to help you form an accurate understanding and well-informed opinions.

What is in Minneapolis Rental Housing Brief?


  • Median rents compared year-over-year.
  • The income required to rent a place based on current rent prices.
  • Vacancies by building type (Apartment, House, Townhome, etc).


  • A comparison of rents in tax credit properties vs. market rate properties.
  • The number of NOAH vacancies.
  • The % of vacancies affordable by income level (30% - 100% AMI)

Subsidized Housing

  • The number of listings that will accept a Housing Choice Voucher.
  • The number of vouchers forfeited.
  • The number of subsidized waiting list openings.

Rental Housing Stock

  • Rental license information by tier.
  • AirBnB - The number of entire home listings.

The brief also features apartment sales and development data and notable housing facts on affordability, homelessness and more!

Where does this Data Come From?

HousingLink analyzes thousands of rental vacancies in its proprietary Twin Cities Rental Revue to provide year-over-year trends on median rent by bedroom size, market composition by building type, and gross rent affordability by income level, plus median rent and availability of specialty housing such as "NOAH" (Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing), tax credit properties, and subsidized housing waiting lists.

Additionally, HousingLink is tracking market trends over time through analysis of Minneapolis rental license data, as well as reporting on affordable housing trends regarding Housing Choice Voucher acceptance and forfeiture.

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