Other Research and Partnerships

Research Partnerships

MN Housing Measures (2007-Present)
From 2007-2018, HousingLink partnered with the McKnight Foundation to deliver a Minnesota-based affordable housing baseline measures and outcomes report.

Pandemic Challenges Faced by Minnesota Landlords (2020)
In this report, sub-titled "New survey findings and recommendations to policy makers," Family Housing Fund and HousingLink surveyed landlords managing smaller rental properties and smaller rental portfolios to gain insights into how these landlords perceive the COVID-19 Pandemic's impact on their business, and their relationships with tenants.

Twin Cities Rent Trends (2020)
Building on the Rent Predictor tool, In 2020, The Metropolitan Council created Twin Cities Rent Trends, an interactive tool that visualizes rent and vacancy trends for cities, townships, and neighborhoods based on data sources including HousingLink's Twin Cities Rental Revue

Rent Predictor (2019)
The Rent Predictor uses historical rent value and socioeconomic data to predict future area rents for various levels of geography in the Twin Cities Metro Area, and was created by the Carlson Analytics Lab on behalf of The McKnight Foundation and HousingLink.

Housing Counts (2002-2018)
HousingLink and Family Housing Fund have published a new Housing Counts report each year since 2002 in order to create an ongoing historical record of affordable housing production and preservation for the Twin Cities seven-county metro area.

MN Housing Measures (2007-2018)
From 2007-2018, HousingLink partnered with the McKnight Foundation to deliver a Minnesota-based affordable housing baseline measures and outcomes report.

Additional HousingLink Research

Rent Payments During a Pandemic: A Renter Survey (2020)
In the summer of 2020, HousingLink surveyed renters to better understand the challenges of staying current on rent during the pandemic, and the role government assistance is playing in helping to keep renters current.

Implications of Small Area FMRs (2016) (a research brief)
Utilizing HUD's FY2016 Hypothetical Small Area FMRs dataset, HousingLink investigated the change in qualifying 2016 listings if all Public Housing Authorities were to change from the old market-wide, standard FMRs to Small Area FMRs.

HousingLink Webinars

HousingLink Webinar: Housing Choice Voucher Use and Trends (2021)
Rental Housing Brief Overview #3: N.O.A.H. Rental Supply (2021)
Rental Housing Brief Overview #2: HousingLink Rents (2020)
Rental Housing Brief Overview #1: Affordable by AMI (2019)
HousingLink's Rental Housing Brief: Complete Walkthrough (2019)

Additional Projects to Which HousingLink Has Contributed Data and Expertise

Beyond the Skyline Podcast (2023), Finance and Commerce Magazine
HousingLink Research Manager Dan Hylton discusses affordable housing and rental market trends in the Twin Cities.

Rental Trends During a Pandemic COVID-19 Webinar (2021), HOME Line
HousingLink's year two follow up to their Rental Housing Trends in a Pandemic presentation for Home Line's COVID-19 Webinar Series.

Rental Trends During a Pandemic COVID-19 Webinar (2020), HOME Line
HousingLink presented on Rental Housing Trends in a Pandemic for Home Line's COVID-19 Webinar Series.

Additional Projects to Which HousingLink Has Contributed Data and Expertise

Regional Housing Dashboard (current), Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Itasca Group
Regional indicators and measures of affordable housing progress in the Twin Cities.

Market Watch: Minneapolis (2018), Minneapolis Housing Partnership
The first in a series of reports exploring trends in the unsubsidized multifamily rental market.

Evictions in Minneapolis (2016), Minneapolis Innovation Team
A report investigating the prevalence, trends, and underlying issues related to evictions in Minneapolis, MN.

NOAH (Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing) Impact Fund (2015-2016), multiple agencies
Data supporting effort to finance acquisition and preservation of naturally affordable rental housing in the Twin Cities metro to preserve that affordability for the long term.

Big Picture Project (2014-2016), Central Corridor Funders Collaborative
Series of reports detailing progress at efforts made to preserve affordability in neighborhoods with proximity to Twin Cities Green Line (Central Corridor light rail transit line) and make the area "...a better place to live, work, and raise a family."

Choice, Place, and Opportunity (2012-2014), Metropolitan Council
Data and research supporting a multi-agency regional transit corridor planning consortium, based on grants and funding for both the Living Cities Integration Initiative and a Sustainable Communities Grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Healthy Corridor for All, (2012), PolicyLink
Data and expertise supporting a community health impact asessment of transit-oriented development policy in St. Paul, MN.

Before the Train: Central Corridor Rental Housing Inventory Report (2012), Twin Cities LISC and Housing Justice Center
Data and analysis for report regarding rental housing supply in proximity to the Central Corridor Inventory, with hopes of developing an affordable housing preservation strategy.

Organizations and Events for which HousingLink has Presented Data and Research

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) Housing Forum
Central Corridor Funders Collaborative
Frogtown Neighborhood CDC
HOME Line COVID-19 Webinar series
MetroGIS Policy Board
Minnesota Non Profit GIS User Group
MN NAHRO Annual Conference
MN Real Estate Journal's Affordable Rental Housing Summit
Twin Cities Research Group
University of Minnesota Geographic Information Science Department
Volunteer Lawyers Network


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