Housing Tips: Dealing With a Bad Rental History in Minnesota

Your rental history includes anything of public record (e.g. Evictions, Unlawful detainers) and the truthful stories of previous landlords (e.g. Noise Complaints, Late Rent). A negative rental history makes it difficult to find a place to rent in Minnesota. Here are some tips if you have a bad rental history:

Do you owe money to a previous landlord? Pay it off.
Even setting up a payment plan with small monthly payments can make a big difference.

Were you evicted because you lost your job or income source?
Tell the landlord why you lost your source of income. Explain what is different in your life now and prove why paying the rent at this place will not be a problem. Then ask the landlord to make an exception to their rental history policy because your income situation is now stable.

Were you evicted because of behavior (e.g. criminal) that violated the lease in MN?
Briefly and honestly explain what happened. Share what has changed in your life and why things are better now, and explain why you will be a good tenant. A good tenant always pays their rent on time, keeps the unit clean and well-maintained, communicates maintenance issues right away, and is a good neighbor who doesn’t behave poorly.

Ask the landlord to make an exception to their rental history policy because of what you have done to improve your behavior. If the landlord is not willing to make an exception to their rental history requirements, do not apply for the apartment or pay an application fee. Keep looking for a property that will work with your background.

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