Section 8 Payment Standards FAQ

Payment Standards

A Payment Standard is the maximum monthly assistance payment a housing authority will provide through a Section 8 Voucher. It varies by bedroom size and by housing authority.

Utility Allowances

A Utility Allowance is a rent deduction given to tenants in certain subsidized housing programs to help them pay utility bills (not including phone or cable). The amount varies by housing authority and is based on the average utility cost by unit size (1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, etc.) in that area.

Portability Contacts

If a household with a Section 8 Voucher wants to move outside of their current jurisdiction, their voucher can sometimes be transferred (or “ported”) to other jurisdictions. As a first step in porting, the voucher holder must contact the appropriate housing authority employee at both the issuing housing authority and the housing authority to which they want to port the voucher. These housing authority employees are known as Portability Contacts.

Bedroom Size Restrictions

When renters qualify for a Section 8 Voucher, they are limited to a certain amount of bedrooms in the units they rent. This Bedroom Size Restriction is determined by the amount of people in the household.