Simple Ways to Make Rental Units More Accessible

Front Loading Washers and Dryers
The next time you replace a washer or dryer in the unit or in the laundry room, choose one that is front-loading. This makes it possible for someone in a wheelchair to use without assistance.

Replace regular light switches with rocker switches. These require less manual dexterity to turn on and off. Also, add sound, touch, and motion activated switches to lights. As someone enters a room or moves through the house, the lights turn on and off automatically.

Grab Bars in Bedrooms and Bathrooms
Grab bars make it much easier for someone to stand after sitting on a toilet, in a tub, or getting out of bed. This is a simple and affordable feature that all can enjoy!

Lever Door Handles
Many of us don't have to think twice before turning a doorknob. However, for someone with arthritis or other conditions this is a painful task. The next time you replace a doorknob in a unit, use a lever-style door handle!

Wheelchair and Walker Friendly Flooring
Those who use wheelchairs or walkers need smooth flooring or low-pile carpet. Good options include:

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Slip Resistant
  • Low pile (1/4")

The next time you replace the flooring in your rental unit, make an accessible choice!