Successful Renting at a Glance

Finding Your Place

  • Go to
  • Select your criteria (Bedrooms, Rent, Accessibility, etc)
  • Click “Show Listings” to see results

Know Who You Are

  • What is your monthly income?
  • What is your credit score?
  • What is your rental history?
  • What is your criminal background?

Get the Landlord’s Rental Criteria in Writing

  • How much income do they require?
  • What credit scores will they accept?
  • What are their rental history requirements?
  • What past criminal activity do they decline?


Fees You May Have to Pay

  • Application Fee ‐ $20 ‐ $70
  • Security Deposit – Varies, but anywhere from $100 – One month’s rent is common.
  • Administrative Fee – It’s not as common as the first two, but some properties charge this fee. The amount varies.
  • Late Fees – Up to 8% of your rent payment if you pay your rent late.


Move‐In Day

Fill out a move in/move out form and make detailed notes about the unit’s condition. Is the carpet worn in spots? Write it down. Is there a scratch on the wall? Write it down. Both you and your landlord should sign this document and both get a copy. That way you aren’t blamed for wear and tear or damages you didn’t create.


Living in the Unit

  • Pay your rent on time.
  • Communicate maintenance issues right away.
  • Know the rules in your lease. Getting evicted because you have loud parties or are noisy will come back to haunt you.
  • Keep your unit clean & be a good neighbor


Moving Out

  • How far in advance do you have to notify the landlord that you are leaving? (It’s in your lease)
  • Clean the unit thoroughly
  • Give the landlord your new address so they can send you the security deposit (It’s refunded if the unit is in good condition).


Is Your Background Causing You Trouble?

  • Be open & honest about what happened & explain why things are better now.
  • Do not pay an application fee if you don’t meet the rental criteria.
  • Offer solutions. Will the landlord accept you if you pay a higher security deposit or have a cosigner
    on the lease?