Housing Tip: Answers to Legal Questions for Renters in MN

Is your rental housing situation in Minnesota creating legal questions? Consider the following resources.

HOME Line is a nonprofit statewide tenant advocacy organization. It provides free legal, organizing, education, and advocacy services so that tenants throughout Minnesota can solve their own rental housing problems.

Landlord and Tenants Rights and Responsibilities
This online handbook from the Attorney General’s Office explains what rights landlords and tenants have in the rental housing relationship in MN.

This website has answers to legal questions on a variety of rental housing issues in Minnesota.

Legal Aid
Legal aid specializes in providing professional civil (not criminal) legal help to Minnesotans who cannot afford the services of a private civil attorney.

MN Legal Advice
If you are a low income renter, their lawyers can help you with your legal questions.

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS)
Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services provides free legal representation and advice to low income people in 33 counties of southern Minnesota.

Volunteer Lawyers Network
For low income people in Minnesota that need help preventing unlawful evictions, getting workers money they are owed, helping parents obtain custody of their children, and more.

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